1. Review the Weekly Activities through Week 2. 2. Write


1. Review the Weekly Activities through Week 2.

2. Write a brief report (150–200) words with at least five sentences and two paragraphs.

3. Submit it as a Word document.


The report should address the following:

  • What areas did I have difficulty with and what areas did I find easy to understand?
  • Was I successful in my time management, or did I run out of time to complete my work to a high-quality level?
  • Are there any changes I should make in my approach to the class for future weeks?
  • Questions remaining after reading the discussions related to weekly learning activities.

this is the week 2 activities


Week 2 Introduction

The cash flow statement may be the most informative of the four standard financial statements.  Therefore, you will study this statement in detail. You will classify cash sources and uses by type of business activity. How corporations account for investments, long-term assets, and intangibles will be discussed.

We will also introduce comparative analysis, using horizontal and vertical techniques as well as standard financial ratios and other calculations. Financial ratios can be used to evaluate a corporation’s performance compared with past performance as well as the performance of industry peers.

Week 2 Outcomes 

After completing this week, you should be able to

  • Describe Some Special Issues in Accounting for Long-Term Assets
  • Explain the Purpose of the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Differentiate between Operating, Investing, and Financing Activities
  • Prepare the Statement of Cash Flows Using the Indirect Method
  • Prepare the Completed Statement of Cash Flows Using the Indirect Method
  • Use Information from the Statement of Cash Flows to Prepare Ratios to Assess Liquidity and Solvency
  • Prepare a Completed Statement of Cash Flows Using the Direct Method

The primary source for course reading material each week is Principles of Accounting and located at https://www.principlesofaccounting.com/. This source is in webpage format and includes videos. The Open Stax text is supplemental reference material. Additional reference materials are also provided in the learning resources.

It is strongly advised that you download the full text of Principles of Accounting (1055 page book Financial Accounting) and the 24 PowerPoint slide presentations that complement Principles of Accounting.  These can be found under Content >> eReadings

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