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 1. PREPARATION – 3 to 4 pages You are the sales representative for a Business to Business (B to B) company selling a product/service you are interested in. (Choose a company/product that you are genuinely interested in. It makes the whole assignment much more interesting!)  Company name:  Company address:  Description of Company ( in detail ). Background, what they provide, who are their customers  Product or service you will be selling  Provide information about the whole industry that your product or service is part of.  Outline the Features(3), Advantages(3), and Benefits(3)Proofs. (Benefits must reflect features of product or service ). A chart is a great way to show this information.  Provide information that looks at the company’s policies in regards to:  Price strategy? What do they charge? – Explain. Be specific.  Do they offer any cash/quantity discount? Explain. Be specific.  Transportation charges… who pays, the buyer or the seller? How often do they ship? Are there any options?  What is your company’s method of invoicing?  What type of credit is available from your company? Is it 30 days, 60 days, COD, etc.? 2. PROSPECTING Methods….Looking for Potential Prospects – 1 to 2 pages –  Explain why prospecting is important for you as a sales representative and why you have to be strategic.  How do you prioritize for the best strategic prospecting method (chapter 5)  Choose 2 prospecting methods and describe in detail how it would apply to you as a sales representative for the company  Which method will you use to make the appointment indicate how you are going to gain entry in order to meet with your customer and how you are going to gain their attention on your product/service/company.

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