Chapter 15 What is the difference between human rights and

Chapter 15

  1. What is the difference between human rights and civil liberties? In what controversial ways do human rights intersect with Homeland Security and terrorism?  
  2. Explain how “War against Terrorism” affects the structure of civil society. What are the   issues associated with defense in depth as related to international terrorism?  
  3. What is militarization?  Explain the trends of militarization within law enforcement.
  4. What is the USA Patriot Act? Explain why Title II has the most controversial aspects.  What other sections of the law affect law enforcement and the criminal justice system?
  5. Explain why there were reservations in regards to renewing the USA Patriot Act in 2005. What provisions were made in the 2006 version of the USA Patriot Act?  
  6. What is Cole and Dempsey’s thesis regarding antiterrorism legislation? Discuss the evidence they use to support their thesis.  

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