Composite Steel and Concrete System

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 Composite Steel and Concrete System

Case Study: Msheireb  Advantages mentioned should be studied one by one and in detail  Literature study should include in an in‐depth study of the system prior to jumping into the case study  Accordingly relate/ link the theoretical part to the case study  It would be beneficial to show some international examples of buildings to support the benefits/ advantages of the system mentioned  Steel members and construction sections should have adequate accurate data clearly showing sections and not just top view  Case study needs very brief description of architecture and the main focus should be on the structure system  Case study must include architectural drawings – floor plans, sections etc. 1. Building Envelope Systems: 1. Building Skin includes: Wall/ Roof/ Foundational 2. Different types of Building Envelope Systems 3. Installation, Efficiency and Details. 2. Building Materials: a) Facade materials b) Finishing materials c) Construction materials 3. Building Elements: a) Facade systems b) Wall Systems c) Foundation d) Roof system 4. Structure Systems: a) Concrete frame construction b) Steel frame structure Department of Architecture & Urban Planning I ARCT 230 I Spring 2019 Research Project_Assignment Page 2 of 2 c) Wood framed structure d) Light weight structure 5. During the research, you need to emphasis the following: a) Form and space making potential of sustainable design. b) Analysis, design and construction of the topic element. adding more photos that have references beneath it

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