Directions: After reading Chapter 5 from Developing the Curriculum by


Directions: After reading Chapter 5 from Developing the Curriculum by Oliva & Gordon, please answer the following question:

1. Research one article for ONE of the models (inductive or deductive) of curriculum demonstrating the application in a classroom setting. You will present a brief summary of the key points of the article. Make sure you include the pdf of the article or the link to access the article.

Directions: After reading Chapters 5 and 6 from Wiggins and McTighe, please work on the following:

2. Go back to Stage 1 for the lesson unit developed last week and review your essential questions. Based on what you have read, evaluate how you would change/revise your essential question and understandings. Make sure you include your old and new essential question(s) and the rationale for the change. (Review what makes a question essential


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