Discuss the role of the first officer of the scene.

  Discuss the role of the first officer of the scene. How can his/her actions impact investigation? 

8 pages in length (8 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page).  The paper should be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and of original work. Remember…statistics, studies and case examples add depth to your writing.   Use of newspapers, news magazines, and similar periodicals must be kept to a minimum, and will be acceptable only as sources for supplementary information. 


Note that references used for your research need to be peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the following characteristics:

1. articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication;
2. articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field;
3. articles report on original research or experimentation;
4. are often published by professional associations;
5. utilize terminology associated with the discipline.

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