Discussion Guidelines Reminders: Be mindful of the tone and length


Discussion Guidelines Reminders: 

Be mindful of the tone and length of your posts.  Please avoid overly personal and overly lengthy comments.  See ranges posted below.   

To prepare for your first post, watch the following video on executive function. 
Executive function was briefly introduced in Chapter 1, then more thoroughly discussed in Chapter 7 (section 7.1.3). It is addressed again in Chapter 8, as well as several other chapters.  


In your first post, respond to one of the following prompts: 

  1. Describe something new you learned, or something you found especially interesting, in the video. 
  2. Do you recall any childhood games you played that may have served to enhance executive function?  If so, what specific games? What aspects of the games do you believe served to help in executive function development?  For example, Manis (2020) mentions the game, Simon Says.


  • Your first post is worth 30 points. To earn full points, first posts should be thoughtful, substantive comments, in the range of 75-100 words

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