I need help with my assessment on Customer Analytics Case

I need help with my assessment on Customer Analytics Case Study. I need it by Friday, 17th December (9 pm ACST). 

The assessment is based on the data set provided. It must be very well written and  requires visualizations done in spotfire/ PowerBI/ excel. Example file has been attached the assessment manual need to be followed thoroughly. It is a 1200 words report. There can’t be any plagiarism as it will be checked for plagiarism and I would need the plagiarism check report. Please follow the assessment manual carefully. Referencing must be done properly with a bibliography at the end. Harvard style referencing. Course materials, example file attached. Data set has been attached.

Only those who can actually do it properly message me because if this goes well I will take your help for more assessments. Report must be delivered on time.

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