Identify three things in the story that we are familiar with today,

For this assignment, your are going to read a short story by E.m. Forster entitled “The Machine stops.” you can find the story at the URL below, or just google it by searching for The Machine Stops pdf. The story is set in a society in which all human needs are met by something known simply as “the Machine.” People live underground because the surface of the Earth–for reasons the Forster doest explain–is all but uninhabitable. it was first published in 1909, so some of the language Forster uses may seem old fashioned or confusing to contemporary readers. You should google words that you dont reconginze. YOUR TASK is to write a paper in which you respond to the following questions:

1) Identify three things in the story that we are familiar with today, but which have disappeared in Forster’s future society.

2) Identify three things that you see in the story that did not exist in 1909, but that are familiar to us today.

3) The story has often been seen as a warning to humanity. But what is Forster warning us about? Identify two aspects of modern technology that might be f concern to sociologists.

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