In this Assignment, you are a criminal justice practitioner with


In this Assignment, you are a criminal justice practitioner with 5 years of experience. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (with slide notes) for recent academy graduates on ethical challenges in the criminal justice field.

The (MSCJ) Assignment: Using the Walden University PowerPoint Presentation Template, create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (including annotated slide notes) that includes the following: 

  • Title/name of presentation (1 slide)
  • Ethical challenges related to the following areas (1 slide each):
    • Use of authority
    • Relationships between personal and professional interests
    • Personal and professional commitments to clients
    • Criminal justice policy
    • Policing policy
    • Information sharing
    • Media reporting
    • Human rights
  • APA reference slide (1 slide)

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