Basing your response on Scenario A, your own experience of managing stakeholder groups or the management of stakeholder groups in an organisation you know well or have researched: Write a report entitled ‘Preparation for stakeholder engagement and management’. To complete the report you are required to: i. Using examples examine TWO (2) contractual frameworks used for stakeholder engagement and management (AC2.1) ii. Specify the process you would use to plan stakeholder engagement (AC2.2) Guidance for completion of Task 2 • The report should include sub headings. You may choose to include tables and diagrams (as appropriate)

• You are encouraged to consider the use of well-chosen examples from an organisation you know well or have researched. • Refer to the indicative content for each assessment criteria (AC) outlined in the unit specification.

Managing stakeholder relationships requires planning and insight. The approach needs to be tailored to meet the needs of the stakeholder groups. A manager must understand their role in facilitating and leading stakeholder relationships, the use of collaborative working techniques to enable delivery through others and methods for measuring the impact of stakeholder engagement on organisational performance. 


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