kahoot - OT Engagement Midterm

Discipline: Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


What are the 5 occupation-based models?
  1. Occupational Behavior Model
  2. Model of Human Occupation (MOHO)
  3. Occupational Adaptation Model
  4. Ecology of Human Performance Model (EHP)
  5. Person-Environment-Occupation-Performance Model (PEOP)
Which model includes the context-task transaction?
Ecology of Human Performance

Which model includes: "alter, adapt, modify, prevent, create?"
Ecology of Human Performance

The "client-centered" approach is was the work of what psychologist?
Carl Rogers

A client feels that his amputation stops his valued occupations. Which MOHO subsystem is this?

Which movement of the 1700's-1800's was a predecessor to modern OT?
Moral Treatment Movement

Which OT scholar developed the occupational behavior model?
Mary Reilly (1960's, 1970's)

Which person was involved with sensory integration?
Jean Ayers

Who were the founders of OT?
  • Eleanore Clarke Slagle

  • George Barton
  • William Rush Dunton
  • Thomas Kidner
  • Susan Tracy

Who was a mover and shaker for developmental OT?
Lela Lorens

What was the original name of the AOTA?
National Society for the Promotion of OT
  • started in Clifford Springs, NY
  • NSPOTs started 1917 and changed name to AOTA in 1923

Which OT model included the term, "Relative Mastery"?
Occupational Adaptation
  • develop adaptation processes within individual because people have intrinsic desire to develop mastery within a skill because of PRESS and or internal desire

What term is used by the EHP model to define transactions between human and context?

Self-fulfillment and self identity are associated with which model?

Input, output, and feedback are all constructs of what theoretical perspective?
systems theory

Which MOHO subsystem addresses the client's motivation for occupation?

Which founder of AOTA was a psychiatrist?
William Rush Duntun

Which is true about Occupational Behavior Model?
- It's a therapeutic process for enhancing life satisfaction - moved away from reductionism

Which model has the unique perspective of a "top-down" approach?
Schkade and Schultz

Which OT scholar developed the Occupational Adaptation Model?
Schkade and Schultz (1992)

significance of Reed and Sanderson:
published books on OT 

significance of Kielhofner and Burk:
created MOHO

significance of Baum and Christienson

What term is used define a profession's fundamental beliefs?
ex. "Man is an occupational being."

Which OT scholar was the catalyst for the paradigm shift from reductionism back to occupation?
Mary Reilly

Phillip Shannon
published and article in 1977 on the derailment of OT
  • "Occupation is where we came from... lets not go back to reductionism."

Which OT model is concerned with person, context, task, and performance?
Ecology of Human Performance

Which model, and who said it? "Man, through the used of his hands as they are energized by his mind and will, can influence the state of his own health."
Occupational Behavior; Mary Reilly (1969)

Which model and who said it? "Occupation is a dynamic process through which we maintain the organization of our bodies and minds."
MOHO, Gary Kielhofner (1980)

Which model and who said it? "Mastery is more than the ability to perform a discrete task. It is a reflection of the client's experience as an occupational being."
Occupational Adaptation; Janet Schkade & Sally Schultz (1992)

Which model and who said it? "The experience of being human is imbedded int he sensory events of everyday life."
Ecology of Human Performance; Winnie Dunn (1994)

Which model and who said it? "Occupation therapy practitioners have a unique contribution to bring to health care, to health promotion, to disability prevention, to social problems, and enhancing the quality of life.:
PEOP; Charles Christianses & Carolyn Baum (1985, 1991, 1997)