Part 2- Community Presentation

Part 2- Community Presentation: The Morals/Values Stance developed for the course will be the focus of a community presentation that allows you to share your morals/values with others, in an effort to promote positive change (III.3). This presentation will be made in front of classmates, as well as other campus and community members who will be invited. For these papers, you will be required to use at least 5 (five) scholarly sources (for each paper) to defend your positions on the topic of your paper. Some popular search engines for finding peer-reviewed journal articles are,, and the Academic Search Premiere website. All of which you can find through the library website or at the computers in the library. Non-scholarly sources can be used as well, but do not count towards the minimum source count (per paper). If non-scholarly sources are used, you should use the scholarly ones much more than the non-scholarly ones. Length: The page count is based on size 12 Times New Roman (or equivalent) font. Please double space your text, and do not include a blank line between paragraphs (which MS Word 2007 and up do by default). Also, your reference list or title page does NOT count as a part of the page limit. Format: Each paper should follow the format of the American Sociological Association (ASA). This format outlines how the references should be cited within the text as well as in the bibliography/references section. If you do not follow the ASA format, you will face a deduction. The website provides a good, and free overview of the ASA format. PLEASE refer to the website while writing your paper. If the paper is cited using another format, or uses the ASA format incorrectly, you will face deductions. Remember, improperly citing materials, or not citing them at all can be a form of plagiarism. You do not need a title page, or an abstract, which this format typically includes, and the works cited/bibliography does not count as a part of the page count for the paper.

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