Question Choose an organization to determine the readiness for a


 Choose an organization to determine the readiness for a change from the current state of project management delivery and methodology used to more of an agile, devops environment. This change will need to consider the project management maturity level, culture, and management styles and willingness to move to the new agile, devops environment. 



The assignment for this session is to begin the APA-paper with the appropriate level headers/subheaders along with a brief description of what will be included in each section of the paper. The first section that outlines the organization in greater detail, explaining the current state of project management maturity and the current methods used should be completed in this outline. You will need to research and determine what it would take for the organization you’ve identified to make the change to an agile, devops environment.

This is just an outline, however, if you are laying out your work appropriately, it will be the beginning point of your final paper. You may list the works you intent to cite on the references page without actually including in-text citations just yet. However, as you move forward, there should be a reference for every in-text citation, and at least one in-text citation for every reference listed.

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