READ- My area of specialty in NP practice is Family

READ-   My area of specialty in NP practice is Family Nurse Practitioner. The Synergy Model is a middle-range theory developed for critically ill patients in a critical care setting. This theory has also been applied to other healthcare settings, like the acute care setting.

            The origin of The Synergy Model was developed in the early 1990s by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. The AACN had a vision where the healthcare system was driven by the needs of patients and their families and where nurses made optimal contributions to patient outcomes. (2017). After following many studies of nursing practice, analysis, and validation of findings, the Synergy Model came about.

            The Synergy Model focuses on understanding the perspectives of patients and their families. It considers the characteristics of each person from the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social realms. The model suggests that a healing environment is created when patient care is patient-driven and patient-centered.

             This model describes nurse characteristics that reflect knowledge, experience, skill, and attitude that meet patients’ needs, according to Hardin et al. (2017). The model has three outcomes: the outcomes derived from the patient, from the nurse, and the outcomes from the healthcare system.

            Logically, the structure of the Synergy Model flows well. The model clearly defines the characteristics of the nurse and the patient that make this model work and produce positive outcomes for the patient, nurse, and healthcare system.    

            Each characteristic is clearly and logically defined within the model, and how the nurse-patient relationship goes hand-in-hand with the characteristics. For example, one patient characteristic is resiliency. The Synergy Model definition of resiliency is the patient’s capacity to return to a restorative level of functioning by using coping and compensatory mechanisms. (Synergy for Clinical Excellence, 2017).

            The healthcare provider’s role is logically presented within the Synergy Model when dealing with patient resiliency. The model suggests that they promote resilience by providing education, and positive feedback, motivating a patient to participate in support groups, and using tools to help patients manage stress. These are ways healthcare providers can assist in a patient’s resilience.

            The Synergy Model is a useful tool in healthcare. The model optimizes patient outcomes. In one study, an inpatient hematology unit applied the Synergy Model, and the study produced positive results. According to O’Sullivan et al., the flexible nature of the model is well suited and useful to meeting the fluctuating acuity needs of patients.  (2017).

            Although the model originated with critically ill patients in a critical setting, the Synergy Model can be used throughout other healthcare settings. Research shows that this model was used not only in critically ill patients but also many different healthcare settings. According to Synergy for Clinical Expertise, the model can be applied in nursing research, ambulatory care, and perioperative services. (2017).

             The testability of the model seems to vary depending on the setting. According to Hardin et al., further research is needed to validate the link between the model and patient outcomes. (2017).

            The Synergy Model can improve the quality of practice within the family practice setting. Looking at the nurse characteristics according to the model, some characteristics that can be used in primary care are clinical judgment, advocacy, and collaboration.  An NP advocating for the patient shows support for their freedom to choose regarding their healthcare. This helps them feel in control and produces positive healthcare outcomes.

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