Read the attachments and watch the video What Can Be

Read the attachments and watch the video

What Can Be Done About A Disruptive Physician?

Serving, Following, And Leading In Health Care 

The Essentials Of Successful Clinical Leadership (

Take on the role of the administrator of a 550-bed level 2 hospital. For the past 10 years, your facility has received numerous awards for exceeding various quality metrics. Your service line director, Cindy, has requested to meet with you regarding a risk management concern. In the meeting, Cindy shares that Dr. Braskin who is your highest producing revenue surgeon has shown up to work intoxicated on numerous occasions. Yesterday, he nicked a patient in surgery, which resulted in a blood transfusion being ordered.


As the administrator of the hospital answer the following questions in 300 to 400 words,

Evaluate organizational risk, legal, and quality issues, presented in this case scenario.

Compose your plan of actions with proper policies, processes, and disciplinary measures for such a case.

*Must use at least two credible sources published within the last 5 years in  APA Style 7th edition format.

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