Sleep report

Write-up (1 pages maximum single-spaced, 50 points, uploaded to the D2L by 2/13/19 at 9PM.) 1. Data Overview (25 points). First, discuss your average data in each of the domains assessed (10 points). Then, describe variation in your patterns, and what you think may have led to variation in your sleep patterns across the week (i.e., a test or cold kept you up (10 points)), and finally, were you surprised by any of your observations? If so, how? (5 points). 2. Data Discussion (20 points). Discuss your data in the context of what we have learned in the course thus far. In doing so, you must refer to at least one observation from the text or other topic from lecture covered so far (10 points), and then make a statement regarding how you might improve your sleep (10 points). If you feel your sleep is fine, overview your own strategies for getting a good night’s sleep for this final 10 points! 5 points total for grammar and construction. Incomplete sentences and spelling errors will result in reductions in this category. This submission should contain full sentences with paragraphs—not lists

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