The Influence of Bilingualism/Foreign Language Learning on Chinese

The Influence of Bilingualism/foreign language learning on Chinese College Students The influence of foreign langauge education on Chinese college students -foreign language learning/ education policy -student learning experience 1, 1. Introduction and Problem Statement (4 pages) -talk about history and background of currently situation of China college bilingual education / my research questions: By comparing different kinds of foreign language education policies in college, how does foreign langauge education impacts on Chinese students./ research purpose. 2, literature review (6 pages): foreign language education policies: English language policies French Spanish Japanese 3, Methodology (4 pages) In my research paper, quantitative research method will provide various data and evidence for my research. 4, Conceptual or Theoretical Framework (5 pages) In the paper, I will embodied the theory of human capital, and it had a significant impact on the economic policy of the state. Thanks to the theory of human capital, investments in people have come to be regarded as a source of economic growth, no less important than ordinary capital investments. The main mechanism for improving the quality and productivity of human capital is competition, and investment in its components is the necessary material support for this process. In the absence of competition, the return on investment becomes low. This provided a theoretical justification for the accelerated development of the education and training system in many countries around the world. 5, Data Analysis (8 pages) 6, conclusion (2 page)

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