The Scholar–Practitioner and Planning for Dissertation Research In the Research

 The Scholar–Practitioner and Planning for Dissertation Research

In the Research Prospectus Template, there are several references to “practice” and “professional practice.” The document indicates that you must complete a dissertation study with a study problem that is “both practice-based and scholarship-supported.” You have undoubtedly heard yourself referred to as a “scholar practitioner.” These statements all point to the uniqueness of the “practitioner doctorate” as distinct from a “research doctorate.” For this assignment, reflect upon the following questions in your primary post:

  • In your degree field and concentration area, what are some examples of “practice” and/or “professional practice” that will be addressed through your research study?
  • What do you understand to be some of the unique characteristics of your practitioner doctorate?
  • How would you describe someone who embodies the characteristics of the scholarpractitioner?
  • What thoughts do you have at this time about your journey from doctoral learner to scholarpractitioner? How will you need to be successful for your future dissertation research?

Use the CTU Library and the Doctoral Resource Center for help with research and to locate articles.

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