There is a lot of information thrown at us this

There is a lot of information thrown at us this week.  Let’s zero in on the short story, the short video and the podcast with Dr. Kapil Gupta.  We as coaches all want to develop our players, improve our players and help them achieve goals within our sports.  This is good obviously.  How we go about that is the key.  There is traditional thinking, traditional training and the way things have always been done.  Thats culture within our sports.  This week is challenging us to think more before we dive into training.  What is our ideal?  Where does it come from?  How is it that players best learn?  How can our own perspectives and experiences get in the way of us actually being able to achieve our goals as talent developers?  Is it our thinking more than anything?  We all start with the how for some reason, maybe we should start somewhere else?

What is your response to the story, short video and podcast?  Was it challenging?  Do you agree, disagree?  Please give detail and please reference which points of the information that you are responding to.

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