Thesis Statement: This is the main argument of the proje..,

Thesis Statement:

This is the main argument of the proje.., answering the research question posed in the Proje.. Design Action Plan. It should be a statement that is not a well-accepted fact, but something where there are multiple viewpoints on the topic (which is why more resear.. is needed). Although this statement may evolve after subsequent work, research, and analysis, the preliminary answer shapes the overall projec..



Students with an approved alternate projec.. approach (not a research pap..) may submit the target objective for their project based on the preliminary research conducted, e.g. Project Design: Student plans to create a calming app for teenagers as their project. Objective: Best approaches in mental health practices for an app like the one created for this project advise consultation with credentialed mental health professionals and must be based upon evidenced-based therapeutic techniques. Therefore, this calming app targeting teens will be constructed around evidenced-based approaches for the three techniques of Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and 5-6-7 diaphragmatic breathing. The design of each section will be reviewed by a practicing therapist prior to encoding. 

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