Write a Ethic and Plagiarism paper with the following content:


Write a Ethic and Plagiarism paper with the following content:

  1. Introduce what Ethical Standards and Plagiarism is in Research
  2. Describes the ethical and legal principles in writing and research regarding goals of ensuring the accuracy of scientific knowledge, protecting rights and welfare of research participants, and protecting intellectual property rights.
  3. Describe how to avoid plagiarism, understand risks and consequences, cite sources properly and how to develop sound writing principles
  4. Describe informed consent and its importance
  5. Describe research bias and how to avoid and overcome it
  6. Provide a summary of all information previously offered


  • Assignment Format: APA format 
  • Submission Format: MS Word 
  • Length: 8 pages (not including cover & references pages)
  • Citations Required: Minimum 2 – 3 scholarly citations and 2 – 3 Professional Citations

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