Write about”Coraline” as well as Nosferatu (a story similar to Count

**Disclaimer** Writer must have read the book or have some knowledge of “Coraline” as well as Nosferatu (a story similar to Count Dracula”. ***if needed I can submit some pictures of materials of reviews/slideshows we had for class*** Write a short essay (about three pages) in response to ONE of the following. Do not consult outside sources or each other. Work on your own, using Nosferatu and Coralineplus any material in the modules as support. Be sure that you have a solid, defendable thesis statement toward the end of the introduction, which can be brief; focus in on your point quickly. Have a strong, analytic topic sentence that furthers your argument for each paragraph and avoid any sentence-level errors, particularly serious errors such as fused sentences or comma splices. Do NOT summarize; bring up the relevant points from the literature that support your thesis. Pay attention to the author’s language and use quotes to substantiate your claims. Be as specific as you can be. Avoid a thesis that states these two characters are both similar and different, which is very vague. Follow MLA style. What makes Count Orlok and the Other Mother scary monsters? You might consider what kind of threat they represent and how both drain the lives of their victims. Both Ellen and Coraline are unexpected heroines who defeat their respective monsters. Compare and contrast how the woman and the girl make their worlds safe. What qualities do the two share in common? Are there important differences?

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